Our Mission

  • To carry out greenhouse production sensitive to nature and people by using renewable energy sources,
  • To establish technological greenhouses in geothermal fields and to increase productivity with 12 months production thanks to geothermal greenhouses,
  • To grow different types and varieties of products according to the indoor climate and natural/artificial light conditions, regardless of the climatic conditions outside, with smart agricultural technologies,
  • To grow healthy, natural and hormone-free products by keeping plant nutrition and agricultural struggle under control with controlled agricultural practices,
  • To obtain salable and exportable products of high standard and quality,
  • To present the product obtained from the harvest to the consumer in our facilities with fast, correct packaging and freshness.

Our Vision


To create a sustainable production model in the field of soilless agriculture by establishing technological geothermal supported greenhouses, regardless of non-greenhouse climatic conditions. In this way, it is to become a permanent brand in the domestic and international market and to provide consumers with access to fresh, healthy, and natural products every season.